Church Planting

The second step in our strategy to fulfill our mission to see every church healthy and multiplying is Church Planting. In 2014 we created The Church Planting Center of SEMO (CPC) to serve the local church in learning to identify those population segments still needing a church among them as well as equipping the local church to plant a church among those groups.  For more info about the CPC visit:

We partner with the SEND Network of the North American Mission Board in assessing, training, and coaching church planters. If you are interested in, or just curious about, being a church planter, visit Send Network's website or contact our association.

 SEND Network

Once the church planter has received a green light at a NAMB assessment and completes the 11 sessions of the SEND Training, they will be eligible to receive up to $500/month for a period of up to four years through the CPC in addition to their NAMB funding. 

In order to nurture the move towards becoming a sending region, NAMB assessed and trained planters from a church in southeast Missouri who are planting beyond southeast Missouri will be eligible to receive up to $250/month for a period of up to four years.

To request consideration for this funding please complete the form:  Funding Request

Some of our current church plants include:

   International Christian Fellowship - Fruitland

   Hispanic Church of Fredericktown

Church Planting Catalyst:  Job Description

Founding Historical Document:

   20 x 20 project